Homework assignments are similar each week. 

There is math homework Monday- Thursday.  Students will sometimes have the opportunity to start their math homework in class and sometimes even complete it in class. If the homework is completed during class time, students are asked to still bring it home to double check it before turning it in the following day. Homework pages are recorded daily in planners. Students will always have a facts sheet to practice for homework also. Homework is graded as part of their total math grade.

Students also have a reading log to fill out (with a signature from an adult). On the reading log the students are asked to read 20 mins per night. 

Students are also asked to practice spelling words each week and to be prepared for the test on Friday. 

If a student comes to school without completed homework and with no note from the parent, they will stay in for recess (15 mins). 

Please email or call the teacher for any questions, comments, or clarifications on the homework.  

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