The Potlatch School District has adopted the 6+1 Traits of Writing. Within the writing framework, children learn to use a common language to refer to characteristics of writing. They also create a common vision of what "good" writing looks like. We use this model to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness as we focus on improving our writing. you may be hearing some of this language at home. Here are some guiding questions to help your child write at home. 


  • Is the writing focused on one main idea?
  • Is the main idea supported with interesting details?
  • Does the piece include interesting and original ideas?
  • Does the writer seem to be an expert on the topic?


  • Does the beginning of the piece grab the reader’s attention?
  • Are there transitions to connect ideas and details?
  • Does the writing follow a logical sequence?
  • Does the ending sum up the main idea?


  • Does the writer clearly express his or her thoughts?
  • Is the writer’s point of view clear?
  • Does the writing address its audience?
  • Has the writer added a unique, personal touch to the piece?


  • Does the writer use everyday words well?
  • Do the words create detailed pictures in the reader’s mind?
  • Does the writer avoid repeating words?
  • Are ideas expressed with strong and precise language?


  • Do sentences begin in different ways?
  • Do sentences vary in length and structure?
  • Can the reader move with ease from one sentence to the next?
  • Does the writing have a natural flow when read aloud?


  • Has the writing been proofread and edited?
  • Is each word spelled correctly?
  • Are capitalization, grammar, and punctuation used properly?
  • Does each paragraph explain only one thought or idea?

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