Here are some ways to help you child with their reading at home.
  • Make a regular time each day when you turn off the TV and sit down with your child. It doesn’t have to be very long – 5 minutes of your full attention is better than a 15-minute session with lots of interruptions.
  • Make it relaxed and enjoyable. Find a place where you both feel comfortable and make sure that you give your child lots of praise.

  • Start by looking at the cover together. Ask your child to predict what the book might be about. For children reading longer books, ask them to summarize the story so far.

  • If your child gets stuck, give them some thinking time. Then you could suggest that they sound out the word or look at the picture or read on to the end of the sentence. Praise them when they work it out.

  • If your child is still stuck, say the word and encourage them to repeat it. They may want to re-read from the beginning of the sentence so that they don’t lose track of the meaning.

  • If your child is getting frustrated because the book is too difficult, offer to share the reading. Or pick a new book.

Things to remember whatever the age of your children:

1. Read every day: read aloud to your children and encourage them to read to you.
2. Have all sorts of books at home: borrow books from the library, give them as gifts and help your child to build up a collection of their own favorites.
3. Read yourself: make sure your child sees you reading for pleasure and for different purposes.

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